Whose job is copywriting at a tech startup?

Written by on May 2 2012

Periodically I work with a few freelance web designers and when starting a new project, they ask for copywriting before they start the design. For me, I’ve always designed before the copywriting. Asking for “two paragraphs on the feature set” or “a list of the key uses of the product”. Maybe I’m backward, but I define the role of a “designer” as having some role in copywriting design and conceptualization.

In your tech startup who handles the copywriting?

  • Marketing staff
  • Designers
  • Growth Hackers?

Wikipedia says “Copywriting is the act of writing copy for the purpose of marketing and advertising a person, business, opinion or idea. The purpose of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the reader, listener or viewer to act.”

But I wonder…

  • Is copywriting part of design?
  • or is copywriting a task for someone who specializes in “branding” since it sets the overall tone of the website/marketing?
  • Is typography actually part of copywriting?

I find the most interesting/creative/full-of-personality designers seem to do alot of the conceptual copywriting themselves because it sets the tone of the design in turn the brand.

  1. So who’s role is copywriting in your start-up?
  2. Do you have suggestions for workflows of sharing copywriting responsibilities in the company?
  3. What are your favorite websites that have great copywriting?

Great copywriting excites me more than a pretty site, here’s some of my favorite websites.


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