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Written by on Oct 27 2008

Soul Coughing, Bloodhood Gang, Dramarama and Cake. Four great bands that all have a lot of tunes with nonsensical lyrics. It is clear that none of these groups take themselves too seriously and that they all are nicely self-deprecating. I love that. This combo really speaks to me. (Soul Coughing and Bloodhound Gang also add mad beats and/or crazy syncopation which, for me, makes it all the better.

None of these bands are superstars or the most popular. They all have a group of very loyal followers that make them successful.

Allan and I make very user centric software that proudly has fewer features than their competitors. We have very genuine public personas that are mostly self-deprecating childish humor or direct, no nonsense, take it or leave it views about simplifying everything and being as honest and caring as you can be.

Both the bands and Less have found a personality quirk or two that will not appeal to the masses and turned those quirks into successful businesses. What are the one or two things about you that are a bit odd? How can you emphasize those things and create a group of people that appreciate those oddities and are willing to pay you because of it? That’s not to say that they pay you for it, but maybe they chose you over your competition because of it. Success is being who you are and finding people who like that — not being who you think people want you to be. (It’s nice that the same can be said for happiness.)


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