Deal or Value: what are you selling?

Written by on Apr 10 2009

Newsflash: our economy is tanking, what are you selling? Are you providing a great deal or a value?

The separation of deal and value is growing further apart. There are more self-checkout lanes and more self-help tech support applications; cutting the overhead allows these business to cut their price, giving you a great deal. On the flip side some companies are looking to provide more value and more service to separate them from the “middle.” Many car washes are adding wifi, barber shops and playgrounds for the customers’ children.

Most businesses are in the middle and no one talks about them. That gas station who’s prices are “average,” that Applebee’s that no one really enjoys eating at, they’re stuck in the middle. If you want people to talk about your business offer them either an awesome value or give them a great deal.

Being able to go on and get tech support in one minute with a human that knows what they’re talking about, while this might cost $50, is a great value to me. The gas station where I can buy gas for five cents cheaper per gallon but I wouldn’t step foot in the bathroom is a great deal. Both of these businesses are successful, they both know what they’re selling.


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