Brand is the aftermath of your actions

Written by on Mar 30 2010

Forget your logo, that’s not your brand.

There’s no longer such thing as branding. You can absolutely have a brand, but no one can perform “branding.” For the same reason when you build a house they don’t call it “housing,” they call it roofing, plumbing, flooring etc. A brand has ingredients, many moving parts, which can consist of the following:

  • quality of your product or service
  • the speed you deliver it
  • the support you give your existing customers
  • the tone/look/feel of your product and advertising

Your brand is a byproduct of your actions. All these ingredients are equally important as the other. If you have a great support, great speed to deliver and your product is crap then your brand suffers.

And if you think that because you’re a service based business this doesn’t apply to you? You’re wrong, you’ve got a brand too. How fast do you return emails? How soon do you engaged a potential customer? Do your customers feel like you have their best interest in mind? That’s all a part of your brand.

In years past “branding” meant to come up with a logo, business card, letterhead, color guide etc. At that time “branding” was very important, it’s what your customers and potential customers would see. But now, we live in dark times, your brand is less about the font on your logo and more about the important things. I know, it’s scary to think you can’t hire a designer and wham, you’re branded. But that doesn’t work because building and maintain a brand never stops, it’s a constantly changing animal.

There is nothing more vital to your success than your brand. But it’s impossible to focus on “branding” you must focus on all the moving pieces, the ingredients of your brand.


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