Casual Copywriting

Written by on Dec 18 2007

I dislike sites that take themselves too seriously and their copywriting is lame and boring because of it. A warm/friendly or funny tone can make your readers feel like they know you. Some sites can’t have a fun tone (example: hospitals), but if you have the chance to be casual, do it. Standout, be different, make an impression on someone.

Some of my favorite casual copywriting links:

“So far there have been 406275 clicks. The energy it took to click 406275 times raised the earth’s temperature by .0000000000000000059358360 degrees, contributing to the melting of the polar ice caps. Way to go, asshole.”

“If you’d like to work with Tim, the chances are very good that he’d like to work with you, too.”

“Don’t love me already? No problem, check out my CV above for more info!”

“Mubashar Iqbal, but you can call me Mubs everyone else does.”

Sorry, we’re horrible at golf and we have no sporting event tickets to give away. And if you think the larger the firm the better, we’re the worst design company you will ever consider.


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