Meeting Expectations

Written by on Mar 9 2011

Living up to your customers’ expectations is the quickest way to the bottom.

Starbucks is expected to have hot coffee. If you’re a bookkeeping application, you’re expected to calculate numbers and load quickly.

Delivering the expected doesn’t make you remarkable, but you could provide something that makes you remarkable. Stop now, and find it. Quickly. This new change won’t be easy to sell to your business partners, your boss or your coworkers. After all, this value is difficult to implement and scale. Get ready. They’ll push back on you with these aforementioned excuses, but remember, if it was easy, it would have been done by someone else already.

Find something that sparks positive emotions; something that creates empowered customers, happy employees and a brand that shines. These are intangible objects. Trust me, you’re not currently providing that remarkable something, but you should be. In fact, your competition isn’t providing it either. Seize this opportunity.


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