3 Reasons People Don't Actually Read Your Blog

Written by on Sep 22 2008

Sure, you might have a few subscribers, but do people actually read your content?

People like software that’s easy to use. Software that has a low pain threshold. The same is true about blogs. Your blog should be about your reader, not about your ego.

Here are some mistakes authors make when writing blog posts:
1) They have no personality and their writing is reflective of this.
2) Their posts are too long and filled with fluff. I could go on and on about this point. There are a million, billion things to say about people who take up space on the page as thought their adwords revenue is based on the number of characters they use. There are also countless examples of blogs that are way, way, way to wordy. Sometime one word will work better than writing a whole paragraph. Do I really need to say more about this?! Wake up people I am trying to tell you something here.
3) Their posts are pure vanilla and contain no opinion on the topic. Unless you are reporting the news, give your opinion, that is why people are reading you.

Still don’t get it?
Who has 15 minutes to spend reading a long post?
Who wants to wade through the fluff to find your point?
If you have a point, make it clear and don’t be ashamed of your view.
Make your writing an example of good UI. Make it thoughtful, filled with expressive language and to the point.

If you do these things, I guarantee you will have as many readers as we do. Which is two. You and a guy in Slobozia with an internet connection so whacked that the only pages he can load are this one and TechCrunch. Poor guy.


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