Bad commercial, a case of bad editing?

Written by on Jan 10 2008

Burger King has a tv commercial where they tell real Burger King customers the Whopper (a hamburger) is no longer available. The commercials show their customers getting mad, being totally distraught and flabbergasted. I’ve seen this tv commercial several times, they didn’t strike me as outstanding. At the end of their tv spot they display a url, last night I went to it. There I found the full length video of the “setups” its so much better than the actual tv commercial.

So why is the commercial not-so-great and the full length video is funny?

Is it a case of bad editing?

Over-editing? I think the concept of the marketing is brilliant, but perhaps its a case of bad execution.

I also love Beer TV Commercials because they use humor, what’s your favorite marketing campaign?


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