A McDonald's Manager's #1 Concern is...

Written by on Jul 31 2008

The other day I was watching a TV special on McDonald’s, the fast food giant. At one point they mentioned something surprising; the #1 concern of a McDonald’s manager is to keep the bathrooms clean. While driving people will stop at McDonald’s to use the restroom and order drinks, which have a high profit margin. It kinda of blew me away, I would have guessed keeping the food warm would or having fast service. I knew clean bathrooms were important but a #1 concern, interesting.

Bathrooms aren’t what McDonald’s is actually selling but its a big factor in bringing the customer in. So this made me think. We’re a products and consulting company, but maybe clients choose to work with us over company X because of something else outside of our skillset. Maybe its the way we handle their project, speak to them honestly and think about the user.

There are hundreds of great web development companies, so why do people choose to work with you? Maybe you’re a copywriter but what keeps clients referring their friends isn’t your vocabulary, it’s your sense of humor that carries over into your writing.

Think about it, what makes you different besides the skill set you bring to the table?

This is off topic but here is McDonald’s First Commercial (the Today’s Show, Willard Scott is Ronald McDonald)


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