The most powerful marketing has no metric

Written by on Apr 11 2011

Marketing with an Instant Metric

  • Ads are measurable with an instant metric, clicks.
  • Social media contest can be instantly measured by the number of emails added in your database.

Then what “marketing” works?

It first starts by having a remarkable product or service that people actually want to spend money on. Then you must deliver a great experience, an experience they’ll talk about. Your customers want to talk about your company. Give love by changing their day/situation.

What is a remarkable experience?

Ask yourself, “How can I make a customer of ours smile?"… now go do that.

Remarkable experiences

How do you measure change, influence and love?

You can measure change, influence and love, but it takes years. It’s hard to spot and you probably won’t notice a sudden change. It’s there, it happens, slowly.

Why do we look to the instant metric?

It’s human nature to want to see the instant affect of your money and energy. Why? Because those are easy actions to setup and track, avoid the instant metric. Marketing with instant gratification doesn’t stick, after all it’s instant and instantly forgotten as well.


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