Everything you wanted to know about how we build a business

Written by on Oct 21 2015

Over the past eight and a half years, we’ve built LessAccounting, LessFilms, had a serious web development business, put on five years worth of successful conferences called LessConf, and done a bunch of “how to” workshops called LessMoney. During that time people have always asked us stuff: how did we start, how did we get our first users, how’d we get so successful, and for all sorts of advice. We always answer, but often we leave out little details, surely details about money and numbers. Now we want to do something a little bit different.

We want to be completely transparent.

From now on we are going to tell you everything we do to build LessChurn from a small product to a good solid business. We’re going to tell you about our marketing, our decision making (large and small), we are going to bore/enrage/fascinate you with little details and we hope you will love it!

And it’s starting right now. Once you’re done reading this, read the first post, it’s about how we track links.


Hi I'm Steven,

I wrote the article you're reading... I lead the developers, write music, used to race motorcycles, and help clients find the right features to build on their product.

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