My Self-Sabotage in Business

Written by on Sep 4 2014
self-sabotage in business

Today I tried to rent a metal brake to bend sheet metal for my backyard workspace. I went to my usual local equipment rental business, and spoke to the manager. He remembered me from a few weeks ago when I rented a cement mixer, but sadly they didn’t have what I needed. So the manager recommended another rental company who probably had a metal brake available. As I was leaving, he said, “Hey Allan, thanks for coming in. We love being your go-to rental company.” I replied, “Totally. I’ll be back, thanks!”

I got in the car thinking…

He didn’t have what I needed, but wasn’t ashamed to say, “Come back, we’re here for you.” I suddenly realized I’ve been self-sabotaging myself and LessAccounting due to my insecurities.

My Self-Sabotage in Business

If one of my friends asks me about using LessAccounting, I’ll say, “It does bookkeeping, shows you a profit and loss statement, and integrates with banks.” I’m reluctant to push, prod or ask a friend, “Hey try LessAccounting and see if you like it. It’ll help your business.”

Why am I like this? Why don’t I push our product harder? Simply put, I’m insecure. Because I see there’s so much left to tweak and build I think the product isn’t what I deem “perfect.” I’m insecure because I see the complaints in customer support and they weigh on me more heavily than the compliments we receive.

I need to remind myself no product, software, cars, or clothing in any market is perfect. LessAccounting is really damn good. I need to get over myself and start promoting the product we’ve poured seven years of love and sweat into.

Your product will never be perfect, don’t allow insecurities to sabotage your marketing.
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