Who Do You Take Advice From?

Written by on Jan 12 2015

“Consider the source” is an old saying we’ve all heard that usually pertains to gossip. However, let’s use it for accepting career/business advice as well and “consider the source of all advice.” Because you wouldn’t listen to health advice from someone who brags about smoking crack. You wouldn’t take financial advice from someone who is broke.

But when you get business advice, it’s harder to validate that counsel. As a business owner, you’ll receive advice like… + “You should charge more.” + “You should go after X type customers.” + “You should open another location.” + “You need to hire more people.”

When you’re contemplating advice dig into who the source is and what they represent in life. Are they in a place you want to be? Are they talking about how their inbox is flooded? How they spend all their time in meetings? Are they living a frantic life? Do they have ample time for their friends and family?

Giving advice is dangerous, and taking bad advice is worse.

When you receive advice, take a step back. Are they advising you from a stance of, “Here are mistakes I’ve made,” or, *“Here’s how you get to where I’m at.” *If it’s the latter, see if you really want to be where they’re “at” in life and business.

Consider the source of all advice.


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