How do you know if you have a "good idea"?

Written by on Dec 3 2014
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Good ideas usually start with, “Wouldn’t it be cool ______?” They start with a playful suggestion of an idea you have. Usually when you say them aloud for the first time, you feel a brief moment of embarrassment. Then the other person says, “Yes and _.”

Yes and…

“Yes and” comes from improv comedy. It’s a collaboration statement to build onto something more. It’s a trustful statement that means, “Here’s more…let’s see if this could work, let’s explore this.”

Here are a few conversations Steve and I had.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we threw a small conference for our friends? Wouldn’t it be cool if we wrote a storybook explaining entrepreneurship to children?

Find someone you can say these silly ideas to. Someone that will collaborate and not judge you. Mine is Steve, my business partner.

Here’s a story that started with a silly, playful idea, turtles than know karate.

Here’s how to identify what a “good idea” sounds like before you kill it.
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