We Just Sold LessAccounting!

Written by on Jun 21 2016

In Nov 2006, two rotund youngsters, full of life, vigor, hope, and promise set off to build a new world. They dreamed of a time when small business owners would no longer have to live under the tyranny of Quickbooks and could spend more time running their business instead of keeping track of their bookkeeping.

In Mar 2007 that dream was realized when Allan Branch and Steven Bristol of LessEverything released LessAccounting.com.

Now, nine years later our still rotund, but not so young heroes have sold their love child.

Here are the important details:

  • We are very happy with the outcome. (No we won’t tell you how much.)
  • We did it because we felt it was the right time to cash out so we can focus on helping others launch their ideas..
  • No, Allan is not going to go out and buy a bigger boat.
  • We’re going to shift focus to consulting to help others do what we’ve done, build great businesses.
  • We’ve left LessAccounting in good hands.
  • Oh, we also sold LessTimeSpent.com as part of the deal.

Hear a lot more details in a Mixergy interview we did about the sale.


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