Drifting Through Life

Written by on Oct 1 2013
drifting thru life

Truthfully I’ve been sitting on this blog post for eight months, today I worked up the courage to publish it.

Sometimes I feel like I’m coasting through life.

Maybe it’s some pre-mid-life crisis? I feel time is flying past me. My kids are four and six years old, and they can wipe their own butts now, which to any parent is a huge milestone.

I stop work at 4:30pm, exercise a little, play with my kids, eat dinner, help with homework, and by 7:30pm I’m lying in bed. For the next couple hours, I’m consuming…watching TV, reading blog posts, maybe a book, looking at websites, projects, creations, art, music, furniture…

I sit here watching others create their art and share it with the world.

Those two or three hours slip past me quickly. I call this time “relaxing,” but it feels like I’m drifting down the lazy river ride of life. I tell myself I need this relaxation time to consume to feel inspired for the next day’s work. Maybe I do…I don’t know.

I’m 32 years old. Even if I stay healthy, my life is 40% over. In reality, I probably have 30 “producing” years left to leave my mark. My Grandfather passed away in 1963 at age 36. Some of the businesses he created are still being run by my Dad and Uncle. That’s a legacy, that’s leaving a positive mark on the world.

Maybe I’m realizing my mortality and thinking about my legacy. What did I do while I was here? What have I really accomplished? Whose lives have I helped? What will I pass down to my kids? What do they have to see that I did?

I don’t know these answers, I just know I cannot feel like I’m drifting.

Side Note: over the past 8 months, I’m back creating art in the form of furniture, lamps and restored my grandfather cash register. For now my restless spirit to create is happy.

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