How to Make a Support Group For Business Owners

Written by on Apr 19 2016

I am a member of a support group for business owners. It’s a closed group, I can’t invite anyone, but since I do get a lot out of it I wanted to tell you how you can start one of your own.

  • Pick a few friends who also own businesses and ask them if they are interested in joining you.
  • These don’t have to be local people, you can do this over Skype/Hangouts.
  • Pick a regular time every month where you can all meet.
  • I like to do it on a lunch hour, and everyone actually brings lunch so we eat together.
  • Best to limit the size to 6-8, but it can be done with as few as two.
  • Don’t have one person invite all the people. Try to get your friends to each invite one person you don’t know so you can meet new people and have a more varied conversation.
  • There should be no leader to the group, anyone who tries to be in charge should be asked to leave.
  • Anyone who seems more interested in talking rather than listening should be asked to leave.
  • Anyone is free to ask any question to the group, but everyone must answer the question “What’s the biggest struggle you’re facing right now?”
  • The idea is to support each other and have a place to honestly discuss hard things.

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