What I Learned from Planning LessConf3010

Written by on May 25 2010

Everything is long tail.

  • Last year I met Willie Jackson, who lives and works in Atlanta.
  • Willie Jackson introduced me to Celia Dyer of TechDrawl.com
  • Celia attended LessConf ‘09 in Jacksonville Florida.
  • Celia Dyer said she knew of a great venue in Atlanta, so she put me in touch with Bill Cutts.
  • Bill Cutts allowed us to use their amazing venue.
  • LessConf3010 was in Atlanta because of my friendship with Willie Jackson and the relationships he created Celia and then Celia with Bill.

Serendipity is absolutely real, luck is not.

You never know who you’re going to meet so treat everyone the same. My Grandfather met my Grandmother when he was selling vacuums door-to-door.

Relationships are more powerful than banner ads.

Your friends will promote you more than any banner ad will. Make friends, be friendly, be genuine.

Being silly is an excepted form of marketing

A conference isn’t about the conference

People come to LessConf to meet, learn, talk, social and get inspired. Having great speakers sells tickets and people want to hear great talks but it’s the hallway conversations that stick with them and get them to come back.

Great speakers sell first time conference goers.

This second time conference was different but interesting to see the change. It was almost like a high school reunion, attendees were seeing each other again from the 2009 conference. I think once you attend lessconf you’ll come back to hang out with your friends again. Great speakers sell first time conference goers the environment and relationships will bring you back.

Don’t drink too much at the first night’s party.

I will never drink again…


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