I'm in Love With The LessConf Speakers

Written by on Oct 28 2009

Left to Right: Derek Sivers, Gary Vaynerchuk, Des Traynor, David Hauser and Eoghan McCabe. Not pictured Kevin Hale, Mike McDermant and Colin Devroe

It’s been a week since LessConf, I’ve been thinking about the personal exchanges I had with attendees and speakers. Let me start by saying the outpouring of love was amazing, thank you to everyone that supported our little conference. I’ll write about the attendees later this week, this blog post is about the speakers and how they personally affected me.

A few of the speakers we met in person for the first time when we picked them up at airport. We greeted them with a handshake and small talk and by Sunday, when they departed, we gave them goodbye hugs. HUGS? I don’t hug my uncles. So why was I compelled to hug these new friends?

These are people I admire and hold highly on a pedestal of awesomeness. So it was interesting to see how normal these people are. They were all so humble and giving of their time. In the past years I’ve thought many times on how to make a user fall in love with your app but put little thought on “how to be likable as hell.” How much of success is a product of being extremely likable?

I’m not saying the speakers have a hidden agenda, I think it’s just how they truly are. They connect with everyone, they’re born with this gene that makes them genuine, kind and humble. They look you in the eye, as if you’re the only person in the room. They make you feel like you’re special. Maybe that’s it, they make you feel special. I don’t think you can fake this quality, the insincerity will show through. You must truly care about people, look them in the eye, shake their hand and be truly interested in the exchange.

LessConf was probably one of the most fun weekends of my life. I can’t wait for LessConf 2010 so I can meet more cool people and connect with my old friends again.


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