RailsConf Europe Is Happening

Written by on May 8 2009

In case you haven’t heard RailsConf Europe is happening after all, just not by O'Reilly. In all fairness, since O'Reilly owns that name, it’s not actually RailsConf, but the premier European Rail conference is happening at the end of this month in Berlin. The RailsWayCon is happening May 25 – 27 and is featuring some of the brightest in the Rails community.

Besides myself, Yehuda Katz, Ola Bini, Michael Koziarski, Jonathan Weiss, Thomas Fuchs, Amy Hoy, Neal Ford, Michael Johann, Lourens Naudé, Mathias Meyer, Stefan Tilkov, Heiko Webers and others will be speaking. If you’re going to be in Europe and want to have the Rails Conf experience, here it is.

If you register you’ll have the opportunity to hang out and schmooze with all of us. Don’t be shy, come up to us, say hi and we’ll talk and have drinks.

I’ll be in Berlin for that whole week and am firming up plans to be in Budapest for a few days early the following week to do a day of Ruby/Rails tutorials, so please reach out to me if you want to hang out.

See you there!


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