LessConf3010, Movie Trailer

Written by on Apr 5 2010

LessConf3010 will be in Atlanta Georgia, May 21-22, 2010.

LessConf is a conference with talks ranging from startups to design to marketing to business. It’s a casual two-day event in Atlanta Georgia with awesome speakers here to inspire you. Each speaker will have a 45 minute talk followed by a 15 minute Q/A session with Steven Bristol.

LessConf3010 Speaker List

1st Day

Cameron Moll – CameronMoll.com and AuthenticJobs
Chris Wanstrath – founder of GitHub
Saul Colt – Thoora formerly of Freshbooks
Dan Martell – cofounder of Dan Martell
David Heinemeier Hansson – 37signals / Basecamp, Highrise
Jason Fried – 37signals / Basecamp, Highrise

2nd Day

Alex Hillman – Indyhall
Peldi Guilizzoni – founder of Balsamiq App
Clay Herbert – crowdfundinghacks


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