The Miracle of Lesstivus

Written by on Dec 22 2009

The Lesstivus holiday is meant to commemorate the miracle that took place many years ago when Allan and Steve first got together to write LessAccounting.

The event that sparked this holiday came during one faithful night when they were locked in their magical cave of discovery. Like many times before Steve and Allan were working with their Macbook Pros under twinkling candle light, their bodies powered by strong coffee. They had left special instructions not to be disturbed. When suddenly…they realized that they only had enough coffee to last four more hours. Four more hours!? That’s not enough time to complete the ultimate weapon against the tyrannical tyrant, Quickbooks, the destroyer of souls!

They knew they had no other choice but to continue. So they set back to work. One hour, two hours, three hours, four. The coffee did not run out. They kept drinking the coffee and coding code and designing the designy stuff. They kept their users in mind the whole time, those poor souls who were held captive by the evil king Intuit. Five hours, six, seven, eight and the coffee was still there, warming the extra large belly’s of our heroes. Nine hours, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty (it might have been more but I don’t have any more fingers or toes). When our valiant champions finally were finished there was enough coffee left to have a toast and a good thought for all the miserables that would soon be freed.

So on this first day of Lesstivus (we celebrate one day for each hour that the coffee lasted) we wish you the energy to complete your tasks and hope you enjoy your swine day where the traditional meal is ham stuffed with pork wrapped with bacon wrapped with more ham and bacon on top.


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