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Written by on Jan 18 2011

We have many automated emails on LessAccounting. Most don’t apply to your application, but here are a few that might.

| When: | At registration | | Content: | Hi you’re registered. | | Purpose: | ITS EXPECTED: personally I think everyone just deletes these emails. |

| When: | 5 Days after signup on a week day, at 8am est. | | Content: | Email from me (Allan), I’m inviting them back and asking if they’d like further help. | | Purpose: | USER RETENTION: Users often get frustrated, get busy and distracted, this email will bring them back to you app. We receive 15% of these emails replied to thanking for the email. Perhaps we’re letting the cat out of the bag here but these emails work. BUT for them to work you cannot email the user for 5 days. A constant stream of emails at the same time do not feel natural or genuine. |

| When: | Every Monday Morning. | | Content: | Summary of your spending, who owes you money and who you own money to. | | Purpose: | VALUE: It’s Monday and you’re starting your week, you need to get an overview of your money. |

| When: | 7 days before their credit card expires | | Content: | Help the user change our their billing information before there is a lapse in their account. | | Purpose: | PREVENT A FUTURE ISSUE: Lapses in billing cost you money and can (depending on the app) give them a gap in their account data. |

The Goal

Every automated email should have a real purpose. You don’t want to pester your users, you want to inform them, if you’re trying to engage the user, asking for feedback, inviting them back, asking them if they need help you don’t want to sound robotic. Remember every email is a reminder why they should pay for your app or a prompting to cancel their account with your app.

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