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You guys make it look so easy

written by Allan on March 01, 2013

I’ll often ask someone for help with promoting something, getting feedback on an idea or making a decision. They’ll reply with, “You guys make it look so easy.”

OMG. Please don’t think that.

Here are three articles we wrote about why business isn’t easy.

  1. Business is hard as shit.
  2. Life is Hard, Focus on Happiness
  3. It’s Always Easier Looking In.

We’ve launched apps that have never made a dime (LessProjects), our main product LessAccounting took YEARS before it made over $5K a month, we’ve posted over 500 articles and yet our blog still isn’t read by tens of thousands of people. Selling LessConf tickets is always hard, although easier each year. We’ve tried to host other events that never took hold (Design on Rails). We’ve been called racists and sexists because some people thought our speakers at LessConf weren’t diverse enough. We’ve been called arrogant because we speak our minds.

This adventure is hard, because business is hard. Running a business that is transparent in its beliefs and opinions is even harder.

We always need help.

We always need feedback on ideas, and help promoting our apps and events.

Never think any of this is easy for us or we that take our tiny “successes” for granted.

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Jim said on March 01, 2013

Great point. It’s so easy to not think about all the work that goes into something, especially when you didn’t do it yourself.

Clay Hebert
Clay Hebert said on March 01, 2013

You know who else makes it look easy? Michael Jordan. Seth Godin. Jack Dorsey. Elon Musk. AJ Leon.

Anyone who has ever shipped anything of consequence knows all the hard work you guys put in behind the scenes…and that each failure is another brick in the wall.

Keep it up, guys.

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Allan loves his family more than breathing. He lives in Panama City, Florida & grew up washing cars at his family's car washes. Oh and Allan hasn't worn underwear since 2004.

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