Your Shit Does Stink -- Good Friends Are Hard to Find

Written by on Mar 24 2009

In our growing internet/tech/design community it sometimes becomes clear which of us has no friends. It takes a real friend to tell you your breath smells or your design is weak or your blog post or conference talk or new idea is crap. It’s easier to just smile and nod and say, “that’s great,” and that’s what most of us do. But a true friend will tell you to polish it up or go make changes or start again. One of Allan’s main responsibilities is to tell me no, and vice versa. We are constantly whittling ideas down to their core, removing anything that distracts. I am grateful to have someone in my life who can tell me when I’m off target. You can tell who doesn’t have any friends though, it’s the person with some level of internet fame who regularly turns out nonsense. He probably has people around him who are either too caught up in his personality or afraid to tell him the truth. As your “Internet Fame” rises take note of the people around you who tell you your shit stinks, and hang on to them. Finding people who are honest with you will only get harder.


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