Your Design Sucks Because...

Written by on Dec 4 2007

If your design isn’t getting the job done, here’s a couple common mistakes. I’ve never made any of these mistakes before. :)

1) Where’s the focal point? Give the user’s eye a place to start.
2) Alignment isn’t pleasing to the eye, spacing needs to be consistent
3) Your message isn’t displayed quickly. WTF is this site about?
4) Use Font Hierarchy, please.
5) Unimportant Data Shown, lets not waste time.
6) No really, that data isn’t important, remove it.
7) Its not User Interface Design its User Experience Design. Think about your user and their purpose for being there. Where are they going next? Why?
8) An unmemorable experience, a user spends 10 seconds on your site, do they remember you later?
9) Too many navigational elements and link colors, keep your link colors down to a minimum, this might sound stupid but i’ve witnessed this first hand. If you have a site with 4+ link colors don’t do it.
10) Designing for flow first, the user needs to go here, then here and they must go here. This is typically a print designer mistake. Each page looks great but there’s no smooth flow through the site.


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