Your Design is Going to Change, Plan for it.

Written by on Nov 20 2008

When I first started designing web apps I got hung up on being perfect on the first release. I would design and write markup not realizing in a few weeks things would change. I was concerned that each graphic was perfect, the drop shadow just right and the borders were nailed. Instead of looking at the launch as just the birth for an app, I’d think it was the finish line, I was wrong. I didn’t realize my design, layout and everything is subject to change shortly after gathering feedback from the few round of users. If you can simplify your design to speed up the markup process do it. These issues would slow me down and keep me from getting my work completed and back to the developers. I wasn’t slow but I wasn’t as productive as I could be. I needed it to be perfect when good enough was enough.

Moral: No successful app launches just once. Your design is going to change, plan for it.


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