Designing like a Chicken

Written by on Nov 29 2007

I wanted to share my design process for clients projects, maybe its different than most. It works for me.

In theory my process is to “peck” at a design or issue. Peck until inspiration dies or until my design or ideas fall into a rut. Pecking allows me not to waste time on a bad idea, sometimes a bad idea feels so right at the moment. Later you look at that idea and its totally wrong, you forgot something or you have created more confusion.

1) Review documents from spec or emails from the client. Our specs… now that is something we’ll talk about later.
2) Work on other things. I usually do some sort of bike ride or walk in the evenings. During that time I think relax and go over the spec again in my head.
3) The next day or later that night I will sketch out my ideas maybe its a quick comp in PS. Work for an hour or so maybe inspiration hits maybe it doesn’t
4) Let those thoughts clear out, it might take a day.
5) Continue thinking about issues if any…
6) Work on the concepts further until inspiration dies OR IF YOUR DESIGNS START LOOKING THE SAME. At any point if you designs start looking the same, stop, do something else.
7) Usually after a couple days of pecking the right idea rises to the top and its easy to see the right direction to go in.

I have found pecking to save me alot of time and it gives me the ability to juggle multiple projects at once, keep the creativity mojo flowing.

If you have a design process let me know, I would love to hear how it works for you.


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