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Written by on Dec 12 2008

I see so many good designs floating around the internet, these designs would be great if only slight changes were made. These small change are usually better because they emphasize or de-emphasize parts of the page, improving the visual hierarchy.

Good design is a series of small decisions that collectively turn into a good design. The difference between a good design and a great design might be a very small overlooked detail. No design is ever finished, there’s always room to improve. Here’s a good design that I made some very very small changes to that make it better. The image you first see if the original design, it’s fantastic. Take your mouse and hover over it and wait a second, you’ll see my changes. It might take your eye a second to see the changes.

What I did…

I enlarged the font size on the navigation so your eye picks up on it more quickly. I gave the individual stories a little more spacing and separated the columns a tad as well. The date on the article I made less eye catching, it’s just not that important. Are these changes mind blowing? No, they’re minor changes that can greatly affect the outcome of the design.


if you’re in firefox, click on the image and you’ll see my noted changes

The Problem…

As a designer I have a tendency to cram things into a site, this isn’t a good thing. You need to give you visitors eye breathing room. The original design “” had was cramped. It caused my eye to speed up and hurry thru the elements. Give your user’s eyes white space/open space it’s a key piece of good design.


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