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Written by on Jan 29 2008 is a stock photo site that advertises on various design blogs I visit. I had to click on their banner because they advertise “The Coolest Stock You’ve Never Seen”. I entered the site, but first I had to register to see the pictures (noted as strike 1). Yeah the images are interesting, but how much are they? No pricing anywhere. I selected an image, it showed a photo details page. I had to select another link to find the pricing (this is already starting to suck). There I was met by a wall of drop downs that I had to select before seeing a price.

*Select Continent
*Select a Country
*Media (Electronic, Print and about 20 other options)
*Media Type (Web Catalog, Web site, Banner Ad and about 20 other options)
*Media Type Class (½ Screen, Full Screen, and about 40 other options)
*Duration of Usage (1 week, 1 month, 3 months and about 10 other options)

Good Lord, that took 2 minutes…I’m I suppose to repeat this step for every image?

STRIKE 2!!!!

Price $1081 — STRIKE 3!!!

Goodbye PhotoShelter


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