Ingredients of a Great Client...

Written by on Oct 5 2007

Recipe of a Great Client:
Step 1) Start with two cups of a realistic budget
Step 2) A Dash of Trust
Step 3) Mix in a handful of Market Research
Step 3) Two spoons of Decision Making
Step 4) Beta test until golden brown
Step 5) Sprinkle a little enthusiasm on the top
Step 6) Serve Piping Hot!

We appreciate and love all of our clients. Each client offers a new project with a new problem to solve. The clients that we really enjoy are the ones that give us a direction and let us do our job. They listen to us and know when to make a decision and go with our ideas or let us know when we have missed the mark (it never happens). :)

Jan Blanchard of has been one of our best clients for many reasons. Having worked with Jan for over a year, he trusts our ideas but Jan still makes the decisions. He gives us time and space to think, implements, evaluates, collects feedback from users and gives us their input. He’s great and the success he has achieved with shows it.

So when you find yourself in the position of client, whether your building a house or developing a website, trust your consultant, do your research and make the decision with confidence when the time comes.


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