How We Refine Our Site's Content

Written by on Jan 28 2011

Definition: Good content is content that converts the visitor into a sign-up.

Like everything in business, creating great content is an iterative process. Face it, we’re all just guessing what the user wants to hear and see. It’s not until we test our product, ask our customers and refine our content that we finally find the golden nuggets of content that do the converting.

Start with A/B Testing with

Optimizely provides SUPER quick setup of A/B testing. Google Website Optimizer is good, but Optimizely is what you should be using. It allows you to setup and start experiments in literally a minute.

Don’t know what A/B testing is? Here’s a definition.

Things to Test:

  • Button Colors
  • Button Verbiage
  • Titles/Headers on Pages
  • Pricing
  • Trial Lengths
  • Here’s some great examples of results at

Ask Users with

Qualaroo provides a little form that pops up after a few minutes. There are a variety of forms and settings. You can get great data from your visitors. There are a couple forms on qualaroo that have blown my mind. Example: they have a form that says “Is there anything preventing you from signing up at this point?” With a submission of this form, the user is basically telling you “Hey here’s what I need to know for you to sell me your product.” Magical, right?

How do you know when your content is perfect?

Its not, it never will be. Keep testing, keep asking, keep refining. Sell your product or service with less words, more emotion, sell value.

Now, go make your content better. If you want me to review your app, just ask.

Other Useful Tools for Increasing Conversions:

Tools I want to try:

Questions to readers:

  • Do you use any tools I haven’t tried?
  • Do you have any insight into your testing methods?

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