Business is hard as shit

Written by on Apr 27 2012

A few days ago we hosted a casual dinner in Chicago for entrepreneurs. Some of the people that attended use our apps & some don’t. I spoke to as many people as I could. Most of these business owners had questions about how we run & grow LessEverything. They seemed to be relieved to hear how much of a struggle LessEverything has been to build.

They were relieved… Relieved? Most business owners are questioning everything they do. I certainly do because I don’t have all the right answers. When you hear other people talk about the stress and sometimes torment of running a business it’s reassuring that others are in the same boat.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that as entrepreneurs we need to make growing a business appear easy, as if we have the right answer for everything. There are a lot of business owners that do this. Either they do have an easy time or they want to have this persona. Well I’m here to say growing a business is hard as hell. There are so many ups and so many downs. Steve and I question our decisions all the time, we make gut decisions and run with them. We make thoughtful decisions and hope for the best. We have to talk each other down or pump each other up as needed.

Please, when you look at us don’t feel like we have all the answers. This adventure of LessEverything has not been easy. We’ve clawed and scratched our way into a profitable business and still worry about letting the people around us down.

Business is hard as shit and the people that make it look easy only make us doubt ourselves.


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