Designer must Mimick

Written by on Apr 23 2008

There are so many amazing designers out there it always surprises me when a client says they like our designs the best and they want to work with us. I also wonder how many sites they’ve visited, because surely they haven’t seen many if they like ours the best.

I love seeing a site that the design surprises me. A design from a concept that I couldn’t dream up in my wildest creative spirit. Color combinations that are beyond me, certain design treatments and great UIs. When I see these sites I am envious of the designer’s skills. I think a good designer must keep a running catalog of great works in their mind. I heard somewhere that “copying one person is called stealing, copying many people is called research”.

A designer’s job is to mimic what the target market wants to see. I’ve designed sites for women, children and the elderly. Its your job to get into their mind and show them what they need to see/feel and do to accomplish the goal of the site. Actors become their character and a designer must think like their target market. So we’re like actors right? I’m like a chubby Brad Pitt I guess, the Troy/Fight Club Brad Pitt.

I keep a running catalog of my design thoughts on flickr, here’s the link.


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