Accept Your Destiny, its Google Gears

Written by on Nov 1 2007

I recently attended an Internet Professionals Society of Alabama (IPSA) meeting. Yes we have the internet in Alabama and even “horse-less buggies” known as cars. Dimitri Glazkov spoke about html5 and Google Gears. In summary, html5 blah blah, Google Gear, yippie hooray!

Google Gears integration seems to be the destiny of any web app of the future. Star Wars Quote: “You cannot escape your destiny”. Gears can provide offline usage of web apps, less server resources used and faster loading times! For us not so nerdy types, what is Google Gears? Google Gears inserts a small local host between you and your browser and the app can talk to it instead of the production server. Gears is used to store data temporarily instead of constantly polling the server for information and even allowing the app to working offline. For the designers reading this constantly polling a server is bad. :(

You ask, “So Allan, what’s the bad side of Google Gears?” Well some important data might be saved locally and that could be a security risk if a malicious party accesses the machine. But as a whole, the presentation Dimitri prepared got me all hot and bothered, which is the same feeling I get from an Apple Store.

Check out Dimitri’s blog and presentation.

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Dimitri Glazkov
Dimitri Glazkov said on November 01, 2007

Love the summary! :) And consider a greatest honor to have the talk compared to a visit to an Apple store :)


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