#10 Rules for Bootstrapped Web App Startups

Written by on Jul 7 2009
  • Build something people need and love. People will talk about it.

  • Release, release and release. Release it before you think it’s ready, you’re wrong, you don’t need that feature.

  • Your app will probably fail, most of them do.

  • Be ballsy, don’t follow the herd, make a courageous moves.

  • Build something you want to use. Continue to use it, feel the user’s pain.

  • Google AdSense isn’t a revenue model.

  • Find the cheapest, fastest way to 500 paid users. People will pay for your app, if it’s good.

  • Design is an iterative process, not just development. And you won’t get it right the first time, so don’t sweat so much.

  • Don’t scale until you actually need to. (The front page of Digg does not count as need.)

  • Don’t spend any money.


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