Lovd by Less Needs More Love

Written by on Sep 10 2008

It has occurred to me lately that the biggest problem with Lovd by Less is me. I am too busy and too slow and the community is suffering because of it. (Those of you waiting for responses or pull requests know exactly what I mean.)

So I would like to find someone who can step up to the plate and make Lovd their project. I would like someone who is more responsive but has the same vision of keeping the feature list tight. Feel free to respond to me in the google group or directly if you are interested. I will be choosing someone based one their ability to keep on top of responses to google group and their ability to do code reviews and participate in the community. I will still be here to help and hope to work with who ever steps up to the plate. I will be posting pull requests to the google group so people can look them over and give me and their author feedback. I am hoping that this process will be very transparent and it should become obvious who the candidates are based on their participation.

If you are unhappy with Lovd, this might be the time to fork Lovd and try to move the community in your direction. I am only interested in what is best for the community and not my (nor anyone else’s) ego.

If you sent a pull request that has gone unanswered, please repost it to the google group.


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