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Written by on Mar 17 2008

Last night, after many hours of labor we birthed Lovd. He entered the world around midnight. With 1201 lines of code and 940 words (not lines, words) of CSS. LovdbyLess is an open source social network, written on rails. You can adopt this infant piece of code and mature it into whatever social app you wish. We brought Lovd into the world because we saw a need for an open source social network. While we don’t believe that the world needs another social network, we do believe that most sites can benefit from some sort of social interaction, software is about communication after all. Now everyone has a platform they can write their application on without worrying about these details, you can concentrate on your app. We just want to help people get off on the right foot. We wrote LovdByLess for you.

Here are some of the features:

  • Follow a user, mutual following is friending.
  • User-to-User Messaging
  • Profile Comments
  • User Blogs with Comments
  • Photo Gallery with Captions
  • Site Search for Friends
  • Profile Bio and Information
  • User Dashboard (Recent Activity of Friends)
  • Emailed Activity * Flickr Integration
  • YouTube Integration

Here is the Download link.

If you want to see the first website written on the Lovd platform, check out Imitate Life.


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