Why Can't Marketing Just Be Kindness?

Written by on Feb 10 2009

Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks and Quicken, have reinforced my theory they don’t get it. They’ve recently launched a “Small Business Grant” campaign. Kinda cool and I encourage everyone to submit an application and try to get some money. Anyways, this idea is nice in theory.

If you watch Twitter for “Quickbooks” you’ll see literally hundreds of people everyday needing help, having confusion and feeling the pain of Intuit software. Instead of giving away money to a certain few people. Why not provide free tech support for a month during tax season for everyone? Help the user that’s crying out for help everyday.

It’s much easier to throw money at a problem than to fix it. It’s easier for Intuit to give away 300k than to provide great customer service. It’s easier for you to buy Google AdWords than to evaluate yourself and then change. It’s easier to get highly ranked with SEO than to provide a service people love. It’s easier to have a giveaway than to provide kindness everyday.


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