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Written by on Feb 14 2011

We’re hiring someone to help us bring an even better experience to customers. Our user base growing rapidly and it’s exciting. Phone support has quickly taken over half of my work and we should be more proactive in reaching out to customers via the phone not waiting on them to call us.

We need a fun personality to talk to customers that can clearly communicate with them, our dev team and bookkeepers who handle most of the online support. The person we hire can work from any location with an internet connection and if you’re on the phone it would need to be fairly quiet.

Daily Task

  • Answering the 5-10 calls we receive per day.
  • Calling customers with billing issues.
  • Calling customers with bank accounts that aren’t connected.
  • Talking to users online in the forums, some chat and via email.

Initially I think this work could be done between 10am – 3pm est, 5 days per week.

We want to continue to make our customer service better and more proactive in the happiness of our customers. We want to be known for how kind, understanding and knowledgable our support team is.

If I could look into the future, I’d love for this person to eventually run the LessAccounting project as the COO. We want to hire someone that will be around for many years and invoke changes that will help us better support our user base.

Interested? Sorry this position is filled.


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