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Steve & Allan's Session from Barcamp Orlando

written by Allan on April 17, 2012

This past weekend Steve and I attended Barcamp Orlando. During our session we spoke about marketing & sales of our ruby on rails consultancy. Here's the recording of the talk.

This is just a preview of the talks we're giving at the LessMoney Workshop, June 6 & 7 in Tampa Florida. See the other speakers.

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Jay Owen
Jay Owen said on April 17, 2012

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the LessMoney Workshop.

Russ said on April 20, 2012

As a former happy and loyal customer (I only left because I went back to W-2 work), I’ve followed what the LessEverything team has been up to lately with great interest. I’ll continue to keep an eye on you guys going forward and am the ready to support whatever you’re working on.

I wanted to leave a comment today to say thank you. After watching the video above, I got some really key insights and had a couple of Eureka! moments.

And while I’m not in web design, product design or a web/app consultancy, I am in professional services and got a lot of great take aways from your BarCamp presentation.

Thanks for sharing and keep doing what you’re doing. I love it.

Steven Bristol
Steven Bristol said on April 20, 2012

Thanks Russ!! Are you going to come to the LessMoneyConf to get a lot more eureka moments? :)

Russ said on April 20, 2012

Not going to make it to LessMoneyConf, though I’d love to. Have some scheduling conflicts.

Hope to make it to the next LessConf in Atlanta, since that’s right in my backyard.

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