Companies hire us to build their big software idea, create integrations between products, improve their conversion rates or just bring new ideas to the table.


Our Friends Are Smart & Successful

ceo of intercom
This team brings a tremendous amount of heart and creativity to their work, and a deep desire to help their customers.
founder of Basecamp
In an industry full of people who take themselves too seriously, Allan bucks the trend. He's fun loving, open, jovial, and just one heck of a nice guy. You don't have to work with Allan, you /want/ to work with Allan.
founder of Grasshopper
Love Allan, if you get the chance to work with him, do it!
smartest man in the world
I was told they'd hire me when they get more work, so please please please hire them.
founder of GetDrip
Allan is awesome. If you're smart, you'll say 'yes' to whatever he says.
Why hire us...

We've built & sold our own multi-million dollar SaaS software product.

We bootstrapped LessAccounting and sold it for low seven figures, all cash deal. We designed, built, marketed and supported this product until it was sold in early 2016.

Product Stats

  • +87,000 person email list.
  • +73,000 unique visitors per month.
  • <$10,000 annual paid marketing budget.
  • All done with a 7 person team.
Who cares...
Question: Why should you hire a dev/design team who has built & sold their own software product?
Answer: We're able to help guide your development to keep it in budget and prioritize features to maximize value to your customers.

We Teach...

We host workshops on how to build a software company. We teach attendees how to run a software company, how to estimate projects, how to manage clients and how to market themselves.

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