Setting up SSL on Nginx

Written by on Nov 28 2007

Here’s my instructions for setting up SSL on NGINX.

  • Purchase a GoDaddy Turbo SSL (this was pretty straight forward – it could be a lot easier if they would stop upselling everything)
  • When downloading your certificate, choose the apache server (if you choose other, you will not get the GoDaddy cert in the download)
  • When you download the cert, you will have two certs – yours and one called ‘gd_intermediate_bundle.crt’.
  • Create a new file where you will combine the two certificates, I called mine ‘combined.crt’
  • Paste the contents of your certificate in the new file, then paste the contents of the GoDaddy certificate after yours.
  • Upload the combined cert to your server
  • Update your nginx.conf to use the combined certificate: ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/certs/combined.crt;

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