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Written by on Jul 18 2007

We posted an advert for some rails help for a project we have coming up. Here is what we are looking for:


Do you wash your hands after visiting the restroom?


We have a significant rails project starting in August and are need some experienced help. Two positions available. You must wash your hands before touching the code.


  • Javascript (for UI)
  • Restful Rails (for your health)
  • MySQL (database)
  • Linux (sudo required)
  • OS X (windows advocates need not apply)
  • Capistrano (to come home to)
  • Coffee (to drink)
  • Jokes (to tell)
  • TextMate (for everything else)
  • Allan says “svn up, biatch.”

Personality is as important as technical skills.


Gokhan said on July 21, 2007

When can I start?

Steven A Bristol
Steven A Bristol said on July 21, 2007

Is Monday too soon? :)

Gokhan said on July 23, 2007

I am late first day:) but I have an excuse; my Macbook’s power cable had a black hole. But I am ready for Tuesday (working from kitchen, strategic location: the closest to coffee)

Steven A Bristol
Steven A Bristol said on July 23, 2007

Late? I don’t quite know what you mean? Here at Less, we don’t expect our people to punch in and out. (If you need that kind of supervision then we have made a mistake.) Work the when and where you prefer. Our only concern is that we have good communication and that the work is done properly. The rest is up to you. Enjoy, welcome home. :)

Gokhan said on July 24, 2007

What is the task/project? I am seriously interested in and my hands are as clean as my code is

Steven A Bristol
Steven A Bristol said on July 24, 2007

Send me an email: steve {at} lesseverything.com.


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