No more Internet Explorer 6 support

Written by on Jun 5 2008

As of right now…this minute…the very second you are reading these words, all Less Everything products will no longer support Internet Explorer version 6. We invite you to pause for a moment and enjoy the the calm that just came over you. We should have done this a long time ago. IE 6 has been a plague on the internet ever since IE 5.0 came out. IE 7 promised proper CSS support and eased development. Did Microsoft live up to their promise? No, all they gave us was <!—[if IE 7]>. Pathetic. But now with IE 8 just released into beta, we have a new hope (although I think Mark Hamill could create a better browser). Not that I am excited or optimistic, but it is a great excuse to stop supporting this pile of refuse that many Windows users are subjugated to using. As I said, we should have stopped supporting IE 6 a long time ago. But I don’t mean Less Everything, I mean we all should have stopped supporting it. We should have stood up for all that is right and just in the world and spoken with our fingers. Because we don’t want to impose ourselves on everyone, for certain client work, if the client still feels it is important to support IE 6, we will. <h2>But for all Less Everything applications:</h2> * “ less=”“ accounting”:http:=“”“” *=“” “more=”“ honey”:http:=“”“” “less=”“ memories”:http:=“”“” we=“” will=“” only=“” support=“” the=“” following=“” browsers:=“” firefox=“” 2=“” (until=“” 3=“” is=“” released)=“” safari=“” ie=“” 7=“” please=“” join=“” us=“” in=“” saying=“” no=“” more=“” and=“” abandon=“” this=“” browser=“” with=“” us.


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