Moving svn from one machine to another

Written by on Mar 12 2007

There is a blog post with instructions on how to move a subversion repository from one machine to another. Unfortuately, that post seems to be 404. I used google cache to view the page, but I thought I would give the instructions here for those in need.

On the old machine:

> svnadmin dump /svn/repo 
> repo.dump
> tar zcf repo.dump.tgz repo.dump
> scp repo.dump

On the new machine:

> tar zxvf repo.dump.tgz 
> svnadmin create /svn/repo
> svnadmin load repo < repo.dump

That’s it! You might run into permissions problems if you use the absolute pathing from the example. Feel free to change the paths as necessary.

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AnonyMouse said on September 03, 2008

the command to load the repo should be svnadmin load /svn/repo < repo.dump


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