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LessFilms Needs Help!

written by Allan on March 05, 2012

Less Everything is growing and we need help. Our latest project, LessFilms, has become an animal. The project's talents are being sought after and we're looking for someone to keep this project growing.

Characteristics we want in this person

  • Organized like a mofo
  • Creative like a … I dunno
  • Personality, must have a personality
  • Cool with multi-tasking

Soft Sales Tasks

  • Leads come in via the website, we need someone that can call these people back, talk them thru our services, give them rough estimates. It's not hard sells, no cold calling, just telling them what we offer. If you're not a "sales person" no worries, we can train you.
  • We do need someone that can chit-chat with others.
  • Send invoice Get a check from the client Get the client on the schedule

Producer/Project Manager Tasks

  • Book travel when we're going on an out of town shoot (possible travel).
  • Work out logistics of scheduling upcoming shoots.
  • Work with the clients to get storyboards approved.
  • Help write scripts and come up with ideas

The position is filled!

Fill out our application

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