We started really digging into Alexa at the end of 2016 by building our own test product for the Alexa platform.

We took notice of the platform because Amazon is pouring millions of dollars into partnerships and promotions for the Amazon Alexa technology platform. Partnerships with health/medical companies like Merck, WedMD & Boston Children's Hospital are encouraging developers to ultizes these voice features.

When we decided to start building Alexa apps we bought several Amazon Dot products and used them in our own homes, with our families.

The Alexa platform offers some new challenges, designing an app without an inteface continues to test our ability to predict user issues and how to help them.

Our Practice App

So Near allows you to tell Alexa where you are leaving an item when you might forget where it is. Once the item is logged we'll hold onto its location for you until you ask! If you move it to a new location just tell us, we'll update it until you are ready.

Link to "So Near"

Our Alexa Blog Posts

We decided to write a series of blog posts about using the new functional programming language, Elixir, to build Amazon Alexa apps.