Allan's note:

I sat here thinking what should be on this about page.

  • What does a person want to know about us?
  • What could I tell you to make you feel like we're trustworthy?
  • How do I show you're we're honorable, funny, smart people?
  • Should I give you a timeline of what our company has done?
  • Do you want to see bios from each person?

I don't know the answer.

You might be thinking...

Is your team better than other shops?
There's so many great dev shops creating amazing products. I don't know if we're smarter. We're smart, but we can't claim to be smarter than anyone else.
But what makes your company special?
We pick the right people to work with. We work with people who want to collaborate, who want to hear ideas, who want to create something special.
Allan Branch
Allan designs, does odd things for marketing, writes stuff, built a backyard office, restored a 30' sailboat with his family and posts videos.
Steve/Stephanie Bristol (RIP)
Steve leads the developers, writes music, used to race motorcycles, helps clients find the right features to build on their product.
Eugen Minciu
Eugen has been writing code with Less for eight years. Yes you read that correctly, eight years. He's currently taking tennis lessons.
Stubby Dawson
Stubby spends his days setting border, margin and padding. Which means he's far more versatile and hard working than his identical twin Bradley Cooper.
Anna Branch
Anna handles the majority of boring administration tasks for LessEverything. She homeschools her children and has zero free time to herself.
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