What Steve Jobs and Kim Jong Il Had in Common

Written by on Dec 19 2011

  1. Having a reality distortion field gets things done.
  2. You are the leader, you are in control.
  3. Either really short hair or really big hair, no in between.
  4. Do not accept good enough!!
  5. Your friends are not your friends, they will try to control you.
  6. You only need one set of clothes.
  7. You control the media.
  8. Always be sexy.
  9. You need to cultivate a stare that will frighten and intimidate others.
  10. “I don’t give a fuck what they think!”
  11. “I love Cupertino/N. Korea.”
  12. Always take all the credit.
  13. “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

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